NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program

Aphelion is pleased to announce that our proposal for a modular, nanolauncher-derived in space propulsion system has been selected to proceed in the NIAC Phase I selection process. 


Mars ascent configuration comprised of seven Feynman-derived core stages


The technology that is being developed for nanolaunchers offers exciting new opportunities both on earth and in space. We see a standardized, modular propulsion system as being key to enabling long-term settlement and efficient space asset reuse.

The proposed configurable Mars ascender and sample return vehicle, based on the Feynman propulsion system, is one example of the utility of such miniaturized, lightweight vehicles. The breakthroughs in methane systems and modular propulsion will offer returns beyond the context of launch, allowing significant cost and mass reduction in future space mission architectures.

See a summary of the proposal below.