We have supplied Cubesat systems to three missions to date. Our team has extensive experience developing and qualifying avionics systems for harsh space environments and can support your engineering needs for both custom and ready-made solutions.

Aphelion currently offers triple-junction solar panels from 1U to 6U, the EPS/OBC bus module, UHF/VHF communication system, as well as qualified Cubesat structures. We provide full software, driver support, and tight integration with the Perihelion OS satellite operating system.

We are also working the ARES Institute to produce hardware for deep space exploration. Two satellites are under development using in-house hardware and they will be launched in 2018 and 2021, respectively, demonstrating new optical communications and solar sail technologies.

Our products and services

PerihelionOS Cubesat Operating System

10MB/s Drop-in Optical Communications

Space Environment Simulation


Aphelion Primary Bus Module (PBM)

At the heart of the Aphelion Cubesat system is the PBM: an integrated EPS and on-board computer solution designed for mission-critical, volume constrained environments, offering significant mass and volume savings while simplifying system design.


Cubesat Chassis (1U-6U)

The Aphelion structures use an open frame, lightweight design developed to be fully compatible with the CalPoly standard. The 7075 aluminum structure is strong and highly adaptable, allowing users to freely configure its internals and side access ports.


Triple Junction Solar Panels (1U-6U)

Our solar panels are rigorously tested according to GSFC and CASC standards, with each 30.5% triple junction radhard cell individually characterized and qualified for GEO use. Light and temperature sensor come standard. 


The Aphelion UHF/VHF radio is a highly configurable, lightweight TT&C system designed for Cubesat missions. Multiple data rates and modulation types can be selected and cross compatibility support with both Cassiopeia and other systems is provided.