Aphelion Orbitals was founded to realize the future of open space access. Just a few decades ago orbital launch capability was only within reach of the biggest superpowers in the world. Private space endeavors and the shifting demands of the industry are slowly engendering the birth of a whole new generation of space pioneers.

Even though the cost per kilogram has dropped to new lows, manifesting a launch is unthinkable by even the largest of companies today. The nanosatellite world is exploding with possibilities. Small businesses of diverse sectors and academic institutions can benefit tremendously from dedicated launch opportunities. Just as computers of the past remained in only institutions possessing vast amounts of assets, rockets face the same dilemma — as technology progressed, the availability of an orbital launch vehicle has not improved.

While other low-cost, responsive small launch vehicles exist, they not only are priced upwards of $3 million, but also work on a much slower timeline than the commercial world. Conceived with the same conservative design elements under the backdrop of an industry familiar with high launch prices, the supply chain nor the approach have changed. These launch vehicles are not competitive with larger players in terms of cost per kilogram, nor provide the flexibility needed for nanosatellites to become more accessible.

Our business model focuses on, and fully integrates, market creation, mass production, and innovation. These elements allow us to bring down the cost of space resource utilization. Even though a rocket is no more complex than an automobile, public access is still hindered by high manufacturing costs, low quantities, and a complex supply chain. Aphelion Orbitals is focused on bridging the gap by addressing these issues — and our first launch vehicle is just the beginning.

We are located in Union City, New Jersey, a 15-minute ride away from midtown Manhattan. Our dedicated team of engineers are working full-time towards our first flight in 2018.